SalBeMatCh Systems - Friendly, Expert IT Support

Welcome to our new website.

If you need independent, jargon-free advice on any aspect of Home Computing please get in touch with us. 

Our Senior Consultant, Tony Franks, has been providing high quality IT support to Schools, Businesses and Home PC users in the Bracknell area since January 2005 and is ready to help and advise you.

Our specialities include

*  Computer specification, procurement and installation
*  Computer upgrades (hard drives, memory, graphics, etc., etc.)
*  Home Networking, Wired and Wireless
*  Virus, Trojan and Spyware removal
*  Data Recovery
*  Software installation, configuration and maintenance

Are you planning to buy a new laptop or desktop computer this Christmas?
Are you confused about PC specs? RAM, Processor speeds, HDD, DVI, etc., etc? 
Do you need some independent advice on what to buy and how to save yourself money on the software programs you will need to use the PC and be safe online?

If the answer is YES, why not give Tony a call on 07813-219169 to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements and see if he can assist you.

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